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Dogs with Allergies or Cats with Allergies = TOXIC OVERLOAD

dog with allergies
Dog with Allergies

Does your dog or cat itch, scratch, bite at its skin, bite or licks its paws, constantly licks it skin, have rashes, hot spots or allergies? What really causes canine or feline allergies? What can you do to naturally to alleviate and reverse these (severe) allergy related symptoms in dogs and cats? Is it even possible?

cats with allergies
Cat with Allergies
Dogs with allergies and cats with allergies suffer just like humans. Unfortunately this condition has become all too common but it is not natural for our pets to suffer from allergies. Allergies are a sign that your dog's or cat's immune system is overloaded with toxins. Because their body system is overloaded, the body's filtering system is giving you a signal that something is wrong; thus your pet's allergy symptoms.

dog with allergies
Red Raw Skin on a Dog with Allergies
Does your dog's skin look like this? Excessive scratching, biting at skin, licking, hair loss, rash, chewing paws, hot spots or redness is the most common symptom of dog allergies or cat allergies which may include skin problems either in one area or on your pet's entire body that spreads or worsens. While there are a variety of other symptoms the root cause of the illness is toxic overload in your pet's immune system.

Take action now to help cleanse and build your dog or cat's immune system naturally. Simple steps can be taken to cleanse and build your pet's immune system by removing the toxins by using natural home remedies and natural home remedies for dogs and cats. While medications and drugs given temporary relief, they also serve to mask and push illness/symptoms further into your pet's immune system causing more damage and illness later on. That is in addition, to any nasty side effects these medications may have.

More and more pet owners are looking for natural cures, remedies and treatments to deal with their dogs and cats allergies, ailments and health conditions. The better approach to pet well being and health is to resolve the underlying problem and not just treat the symptom.

For more information on all non-toxic, safe, natural remedies for dogs or cats with allergies and herbal and homeopathic remedies and treatments to cleanse, detox and build your dog or cat's system naturally, please visit the following:

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Carol said...

Very Informative links and very well written blog!!Cheers!! Thanx a lot!!Carol

Stacey said...

Thanks Carol,

Holistic Pet Care is a passion of mine. Having 3 dogs, I am very concerned about their health and happiness. With natural remedies pet owners can alleviate and rebuild their pet's health and vitality usually avoiding medications that have toxic side effects. I know from my own experience that these remedies work and love sharing my experience with other concerned pet owners.

All the best,


Dog Breeds said...

thanks for your advice and your informative lines.

Chris said...

Do you have any examples where people have used your products and the results they received?

Stacey said...

Welcome dog breeds and Chris,

Chris what a great question!

There are tons of testimonials included on each product page.

If you do a search for a specific pet health issue in the pet health a-z index it will take you to products that deal with that particular health issue. One of the tabs for that product is testimonials.

So for natural remedies for allergies in dogs and cats AllerEase has a tab, called Testimonials.

If I can be of further assistance, please let me know.

Anna said...

I have two dogs in my home and one dog in my mother's family. Thanks for your sharing.

Pet Care said...

Whether it be humans or animals, herbal medicines are always safe and effective for treating any kind of diseases. Unlike any other medications it does not have any adverse effects.

self defense products said...

Dogs and cats can suffer from allergies just like humans. Unfortunately this condition has become all too common but it is not natural for our pets to suffer from allergies.

Chiropractor Lawrenceville said...

Thank Carol very much for sharing this information, keep posting thanks a lot.

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DIY Claire said...

Interesting. Can this be corrected bu diet?



Stacey said...

Hi Claire,

Your pet's Diet can greatly help a dog or cat with allergies. Diet was a major factor in my dog's case - as she was allergic to chicken. Using herbal and homeopathic remedies assist your pet's body system to repair it self so that it can better deal with toxins, allergens and other conditions. A sound diet plus herbs and homeopathic remedies work together to make your pet healthier.

Please visit again soon.


camilynn said...
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