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Bringing Marley Home | Parade.com

Bringing Marley Home | Parade.com

How would you deal with your pet's passing? John Grogan author of "Marley and Me" tells how his family moved and dug up Marley to take to their new home.

Okay, that on the outset sounds a little gory, but every pawparent knows that the bond you have with your furry baby does not end in death. While some may choose to cremate their pet, others may opt to bury their pet in their yard, while even others may buy a plot for their pet in a pet cemetery.

To be honest, while I think about this in passing and I know this day will come - I haven't really made any definite plans one way or another. Recently I had two friends who lost their beloved pets. I went with one friend to the Vet to have her cat put down, he was sick and had lost a lot of weight, was not eating and she knew it was time. After the Vet put him to sleep and we cried our eyes out and left his body at the Vet's office; something I don't think I would do. Not that it is wrong or right, it is just not an option for me.

My other friend's cat died unexpectedly while being treated at the Vet's office. She choose to have her kitty cremated and now her baby is with her. While I like the idea of having my babies with me, there is also something about setting them free...in spreading their ashes around their favorite place in my yard, that appeals to me. Maybe I will do both, keep some ashes and spread some. What ever method I choose, it will be a very personal and painful choice.

My advice is to hug and kiss your furry babies every moment you can, give them the best and spoil them rotten. Now I am off to give out some serious kisses and hugs to my babies...


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