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If Your Pet has Allergies, its Immune System is Crying for HELP!

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Sick Dog
Allergies in your dog or cat is Nature's way of telling you that their filtering system is starting to become full and needs to be cleaned out, immediately! While drugs and medications treat the symptoms your pet is experiencing, they do not get to the root cause of the deeper problem concerning your pet’s health; that your pet’s system is burdened with toxins and needs to be cleaned and repaired.

The Medications that Vet's give may push the problem deeper into their system instead of addressing the real issue. Medications address symptoms and not the root cause of your pet's illness - an immune system in need of cleaning and repair. Some pet owners out of desperation will give Benadryl to their pets to relieve allergy symptoms. Once again, this only relieves the symptom and does not address the real issue that caused the allergy in the first place. In addition, while you may be relieving the surface symptoms, you could be pushing the illness deeper into your pet's system; then it manifests itself as other illnesses. Many times the side effects of drugs and medications are worse than the problems they are prescribed to help.

For the overall health of your pet, treating them from a holistic approach will help to rejuvenate their systems and alleviate future problems.

Homeopathic Remedies and Herbal Remedies for Dogs and Cats with Allergies, Scratching and Itchy Skin

allergy itch easeAllergy Itch Ease is a all natural homeopathic product/holistic anti-itch remedy for allergy relief in dogs and cats.

Allergy Itch Ease homeopathic remedy helps to relieve itchy skin, stops scratching, soothe skin allergies and calms your cat or dog. It contains homeopathic ingredients like:
  • Arum triph (6C)- used for skin support, addresses itchiness, burning sensation on the skin and redness. This remedy suits those animals that tend to worsen in the wind and have skin issues with the change of seasons.

  • Viola tri. (6C)- used for its ability to help common afflictions (conditions) of the skin, particularly beneficial when addressing common itchiness that pops up over different parts of the body. In addition, it also helps stimulate general routine detoxification.
  • Comocladia (6C)- used to address redness of the skin, also helps calm commonly inflamed or irritated tissue.
  • Chamomilla (12C)- used as a soothing remedy, this homeopathic potency suits those animals that tend to scratch during the day but more frequently at night.
  • Cina (6C)- used to support the skin from the inside out, on a cellular level. Frequently recommended for animals that tend to twitch and jump in an agitated fashion, this usually happens when your pet’s skin is itchy and irritated.
  • Sucrose (inactive ingredient).

Allergy Itch Ease Testimonials

“My poor pet had no fleas, but was scratching in frustration! [Allergy Itch Ease] was an absolute blessing – Thank you!”—Sarah, Australia

“[Allergy Itch Ease] has helped our beagle – he was so itchy and used to scratch every day – after using your product he now seems less agitated and much happier, we are too!” —Mark

“Our two cats Harlow and Harry used to scratch and leave hair everywhere – especially in spring and summer. Our kids called them ‘Itchy and Scratchy’! We heard about your product and decided to try it. We have never looked back – thanks to your remedy.”- The Harrison Family

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May Stewart said...

Has anyone tried this recommended medication on cats? I am really curious to know if it works and whether it will have any adverse side effects

Stacey said...

Hi May,

Thanks for visiting. There are many testimonials for each product. For example Allergy Itch Ease has the following products info and testimonials. Hope this helps.


dog house said...

loved reading your blog....
Thanks for sharing the information....

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