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Questions from Pet Owners about Dog and Cat Health Problems

You are not alone in your fight to alleviate your dog's or cat's allergies. I get many questions about what can be done to treat allergies in dogs and cats.

Recently the following question was asked:
My dog has severe allergies. We have done the injections, the pills, and spent thousands of dollars trying to cure his allergies. Is there anything natural I can do to help him?

I can completely understand that. I spent hundreds if, not thousands of dollars running from vet to vet, getting Buttons this medication and that shot, only to get minimal temporary relief. Medications only treat symptoms and do not get to the root cause of allergies. Some medications push the symptoms further into the body and then another more serious illness emerges later on.

By using the following herbal and homeopathic remedies you not only treat the symptoms but get to the real cause of the allergies, your pet's immune system is overload with toxins and is reacting by displaying hot spots, rashes, etc.

Allergy Itch Ease: Homeopathic remedy relieves skin allergies and itch

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