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Pure Breed/Pedigree Dogs = Cruelty?

Alarming Facts About Pure Breed - Pedigree Dogs

In the documentary, "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" it reveals how some pure breeds are being breed to please peoples tastes; regardless of the health issues it creates for the dog. Many puppy mills and dog breeders cater to the specific tastes of people and make lots of money; all while dogs have to endure inhumane and cruel treatment. Veterinarians also profit from the "pedigree" hype. They know that specific breeds inherently have health issues; which means more money for them. Many times instead of doing what is in the best interest of your dog or cat they use medical methods that prolong the suffering and ill health of your pet because they bottom line is they make more money.

I have owned mutts all my life. I have never been fascinated with "designer dogs." I look for a rescue or shelter dog that needs a home, can be a companion and that I can responsibly take care of. Dogs to me are not Gucci handbags or purses; they are not status symbols. Nor do I get a dog because they are the latest trend. I remember when 101 Dalmatians came out. Kids wanted these cute, adorable, rambunctious dog and parents went out and brought them. Some parents quickly found out that Dalmatians are not cute and cuddly like in the movies, they are active dogs that need lots of attention. Then many ill-suited dogs were disposed of, all because people catered to their wants and not to what was best for human and animal kind.

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