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In an article in the Thibodaux Daily Comet, by Sue Manning, dated January 8, 2010, the age old question is posed:  Which is better dogs or cats?  The answer: DOGS!

I have always been extremely allergic to cats.  I think cats are lovely creatures, but I have never owned a cat.  I am a proud pawparent of 3 spoiled rotten dogs.  They are my pride and joy.

I think each species has it own particular benefits and disadvantages - it just depends on the person.  Okay, so dogs are categorically preferred over cats, but out of all my friends I am the only one who owns dogs.  The vast majority of my friends (female) either own a cat or have owned a cat(s) at some time.  I think cat are easier to fit into your lifestyle...you can go out for a day and not worry about having to get home and walk your cat.

But I must admit the loyalty, attention and affection of my 3 furry babies has kept me going on more than one bad "hair" day.  Really all pets are blessings and neither is better or good or bad.

Now me and my doggies are going to do the "victory dance."


Dodgerzdad said...

The contest was rigged! Rigged I say! I want a do over mediated by a cat person. Seriously though, they are both great and have their own individual talents and personality traits. The whole concept of a contest is silly.

Stacey said...

Hi Dodgerzdad,

It really wasn't a contest, more a polling of people to see which pet they preferred. You are absolutely right both are great - but WE WON!!!!

All the best,

Stacey @ home remedies for dogs and cats

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